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Gary Fisher Interview

Hollywood interviews Gary Fisher at this year’s NAHBS and discusses the health of the hand made bicycle industry. Other topics include spats, a hand made bespoked suit, losing weight, cargo bikes and social networking.

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Gary’s current favorite bike is a 51 lb, singlespeed Dutch bike with coaster brake. A Superfly Elite and Superfly 100 are also in his current stable. Gary has also been doing a fair amount of road riding lately too.


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For more info about Gary Fisher Bikes: http://fisherbikes.com/

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  • Gregg says:

    This is the best interview, by far.

  • Varaxis says:

    I love Gary Fisher interviews.

  • Tmxownrsgrp says:

    Jeff seriously!!?? belly scratching and junk pinching?!? Are you high?

  • barb says:

    Maybe \some\ people can afford NASA level bike frames, but the biggest percentage of the market is in not in the income demographic to buy luxury items? The majority isn’t. And who elected that guy an interviewer? Do we really want to see him scratching his stomach among other things? Gawd. Love Gary Fisher though!

  • FFJoe says:

    Hey Jeff, there’s a reason your shirt buttons all the way up … and it’s NOT to leave the middle one unbuttoned so that people can see you scratch your naked gut! Sure glad you said that you had to adjust yourself because you’re wearing biking shorts under your pants. Now, my day is complete! :-S

  • rockhop says:

    Gary Fisher – the father of broken mountain bike frames.

  • JeffSuxAsInterviewer says:

    Give us a break. First your destroy yourself trying to be funny w/Pegoretti and now this? Janky is the word.

  • JeffSux says:

    The interviewer is a bozo

  • Booger says:

    Totally hilarious. How could either of them just not bust out laughing at the whole shirt and scratching and crazy suit thing. Anyone missing the comedy really doesnt have a sense of humor.

  • jeffs*a*tool says:

    This dude Jeff asks each question then instantly zones out to some far away land where he can scratch his rash and pick front wedgies. He makes Fisher appear quite normal.

  • Amusing interview says:

    This is one of the best interviews I have seen in a long time. I thought the interviewer was a douche at first but then I started to catch on to the humor. Great “lighten the day” type material.

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