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Crumpton Cycles – 16 lbs Carbon 29er

Nick Crumpton is Crumpton Cycles based out of Austin, TX. Well known for his lightweight carbon fiber road bikes, Nick shows us this foray into the world of 29er mountain bikes. This bike weighs in at a scant 16.25 lbs!

YouTube Preview Image


This frame features:
-tuned to be a smooth riding, full carbon 29er
-can be fitted with front shock
-16.25 lbs total bike weight
-rear stays shaped for plushness

For More info: www.crumptoncycles.com

Persistence and dedication. Crumpton Cycles continues to strive to deliver our best in carbon fiber bicycles. Each bicycle frame made to order for individual riders, and Nick Crumpton still personally designs, builds and finishes each frame in his studio in Austin, Texas. Crumpton Cycles combines carbon fiber tubing of the highest standard from Edge Composites with proprietary rear stays designed in house to bring the utmost level of quality in ride, aesthetic and reliability.

Crumpton Cycles fit philosophies are based in combining performance and comfort for its riders. We design frames based on rider contact points that in the end, result in a superior ride quality with well rounded attributes for all types of road riding. This is key to the overall performance of our bicycles.”

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True Fabrication Bicycles – Singlespeed 29er

Mo & Cody are from True Fabrication Bicycles based right in Austin, TX. We remember the True Fab guys well, from the Portland ’08 show and were happy to see them continuing on strong.

Here we see one of their custom 29er singlespeeds.

YouTube Preview Image


This frame features:
-custom sized for a customer who is 5’5″ with shorter legs/longer torso
-1st curved toptube bike for True
-Japanese cherry blossom paint (with hidden bomb)

true-is-da-bomb true-intricate-paintwork true-hidden-bomb true-fab-logo

true-29er-rear true-29er-headbadge true-29er-dropouts

For More info: www.truefabricationbicycles.com

“True Fabrication was born during a 16-hour car ride home from a weeklong mountain biking trip in Colorado. It was during this car ride home that we (Cody, Clark & Cole) discovered we each had individually been contemplating a way to begin fabricating bicycle frames. We had all been friends for a long time and had spent many years riding, racing, traveling and training together. Therefore, in the summer of 05’ we made a plan to be riding our own “brand” of bicycles during next summer’s annual trip to Colorado.”
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Groovy Cycleworks – Kauai 6-5-0

Rody Walter from Groovy Cycleworks is based out of Wooster, OH.

In this video, Hollywood interviews Rody and we learn more about his Kauai 6-5-0 bike.

YouTube Preview Image


The Kauai 6-5-0 was designed for a customer from the Netherlands. It features Luv Handles and Hot Rod Cranks. It has integrated cable routing for the Rohloff geared hub.

groovy-kauai650-luvhandles groovy-kauai650-toptube groovy-kauai650-bike

For More info: groovycycleworks.com

“Groovy Cycleworks is a small custom frame shop with an employee roster of…one. That would be me, Rody Walter. I began building frames back in the heydays of mountain biking, the early 90′s, in a small custom shop in Center Hall, Pa. I had the opportunity to work under one of the true masters of design and construction and came away with a mantra that I’ve built by to this day…

-Design it with the rider in mind

-Involve the customer in the process, communicate!

-Build it to last forever

-Settle for nothing less than big smiles”

Find him on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Groovy-Cycleworks/227115749408

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Engin Cycles – custom steel 29R

Drew Guldalian from Engin Cycles (Philadelphia, PA) show us this gorgeous steel 29R hardtail.

YouTube Preview Image


This frame features:
-tapered headtube
-PressFit 30 BB
-dedicated 1×9
-142x12mm spacing (rear axle)
-ghost logo in the toptube paint (outline is just barely visible in photo)

engin-29r-seatstays-seattube engin-ghost-logo engin-ghost-paint engin-headtube

engin-dropouts engin-rear engin-seatpost

For More info: www.engincycles.com

“Our mission is to build bicycles that appeal to people both as a work of craft and as a machine that can be ridden and ridden often.”

Find them on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/engincycles

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Black Sheep Bikes – ZAMer 36er and Stellar

James Bleakley is from Black Sheep Bikes, based out of Ft Collins, CO. They specialize in Ti but they also build with steel. Shown here are two of their Ti creations, the ZAMer 36er and the Stellar.

The Black Sheep Bikes Stellar Won the “Best Off Road Frame” Award.

YouTube Preview Image


This frame features:
-36″ wheels
-Ti Truss fork
-105 mm offset fork

black-sheep-swoopy black-sheep-ZAMer-curves black-sheep-zamer-fork black-sheep-ZAMer-rear


This frame features:
-Singlespeed frame
-integrated rack in front
-larger rack in back with pannier mounts
-belt drive or ss compatible
-back end is removable to fit in S&S case for travel
-mountain mustache bar one piece
-welded on cages
-”style and function”
-custom made for a Tour Divide racer

black-sheep-stellar-dropouts black-sheep-stellar-headbadge black-sheep-stellar-rear-rack black-sheep-stellar-removable-rear

black-sheep-stellar-telescoping-stays black-sheep-truss-fork-frontrack black-sheep-welded-cages

For More info: www.blacksheepbikes.com

“From the beginning Black Sheep Bikes has been a company that is a little bit different. We have strived to create bikes that not only ride great but have character as well. Whether it is borrowing the lines of our favorite classic frames or trying a whole new twist on things, Black Sheep is a company that embodies custom. Each frame, fork, or component we make is made to order by hand. Since we are a small shop we are able to try new and different things often, breaking the restraints of a production line. With a high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail, you can be assured that your bike will truly stand out in any crowd.”

Find them on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Black-Sheep-Bikes/129436858552

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Kish Fabrications – Ti 24" BMX Cruiser & Ti 650B Townie

Jim Kish is Kish Fabrication out of San Luis Obispo, CA. Jim is known for his Ti work, but also builds with steel. He builds mountain bikes, road bikes, cross and townies. Jim is also an instructor at Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo’s Engineering department, as well as United Bicycle Institute’s prestigious frame building classes.

Here, Jim shows us a couple of bikes: a 24″ BMX Ti Cruiser built for fun and a 650B Town Bike with carbon fork and NuVinci rear hub.

The Kish 24″ BMX Cruiser Won “Best Titanium Frame” at NAHBS 2011.

YouTube Preview Image


kish-cruiser-headtube kish-bmx-cruiser kish-cruiser-rear


kish-townie-headtube kish-brake-post kish-nuvinci-hub

For More info: www.kishbike.com

“Since 1992, Jim Kish has been producing the finest titanium and steel bicycle frames imaginable. Jim is a lifetime cycling enthusiast. After logging thousands of miles as a bicycle tour leader, he moved in to the frame building world, specializing in titanium long before most current titanium bicycle suppliers existed.”

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Rich Phillips Cycles – steel 1929er

Rich Grabbe is from St. Louis, MO and he is Rich Phillips Cycles. Rich’s background is building beautiful leather saddles for choppers and cruisers (of the motorized variety, his work can be seen at: www.bikersaddles.com). His childhood dream was to build his own bicycle, so now Rich is living that dream.

YouTube Preview Image


This frame features:
-straight gauge chromoly steel
-stainless, tig-welded, polished lugs
-curved tubing
-1929 Nickel on top tube and fork top segments (thus the name 1929er)
-hand made the leather grips w/purple suede underlay
-wood rims

rich-phillips-seatstay-seattube-junction rich-phillips-headtube-toptube-downtube rich-phillips-polish rich-phillips-rearend

For More info: http://richphillipscycles.blogspot.com/

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Vulture Cycles – steel 29er full suspension

Wade Beauchamp is from Bend, OR and he is Vulture Cycles. Wade is a long time Mtbr forum member and fan of the site. Here Wade shows us his friend Woody’s bike with a Ventana rear end. Not just for Oregon locals, Wade has customers from as far away as Austria & Japan.

YouTube Preview Image


This frame features:
-Curved/shaped top tube
-Paragon Headtube for tapered steerer with the new Chris King 44 mm headset
-Ventana rear end

vulture-cycles-headbadge vulture-cycles-curved-toptube vulture-cycles-linkage vulture-cycles-headtube

For More info: www.vulturecycles.com

“I build custom bicycle frames

I am Wade, the Vulture of Vulture Cycles. I am a father, a frame-builder, a metal fabricator and a lover of wheels. Bikes are freedom to me. My place in the shop is natural – to cut and join metal into precision straight bicycles with flawless welds. I am fortunate to combine my experience and talents toward the goal of wind in your hair and pedal pedal, seeing the world.”

Find him on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/vulture-cycles/99616216105

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DeSalvo Custom Cycles – Ti 29er double speed

Mike DeSalvo is from Ashland, OR. DeSalvo Custom Cycles specializes in steel and titanium and builds road, cross, track and mountain bikes. Here Mike shows us this interesting Ti 29er with a White Industries double-double drivetrain.

YouTube Preview Image


This ti 29er is set up with a White Industries Double Double drivetrain. The parts spec includes White Industries Hubs, Velocity rims, Avid disc brakes, Syncros carbon fork, Chris King headset and lots of other nice bits.

desalvo-double-double desalvo-29er-ti desalvo-curved-toptube

For More info: www.desalvocycles.com

“At DeSalvo Cycles we use only the finest materials to create bikes that are beautiful and fun to ride. Every DeSalvo Custom Cycles frame is handmade in our shop located in Ashland Oregon.

When you are ready for a frame that will be built for you give us a call. The endless options include geometry, tubing, custom paint, and whatever else you may be able to dream up. We look forward to talk with you about creating your dream machine.”

Find him on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/DeSalvo-Custom-Cycles/193361797343222